WATCH: Fans Protesting Arizona Immigration Law Escorted Off Citi Field, “U-S-A!” Chant Ensues

  • Glenn Davis

This was probably not the best way to draw attention to a cause. Two fans ran onto the Citi Field…field last night during the Arizona Diamondbacks’ 9-6 win over the Mets to protest Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

As you can see in the picture at left, the protesters were carrying Mexican flags. Couple problems with their methodology, however. First of all, no one ever has sympathy for anyone who storms the field. Announcers beg and plead with fans not to give them any attention while TV cameras turn away, and fans just enjoy watching them get tased.

And there’s this: a federal judge blocked the most controversial parts of the law already. While, as that Post writeup notes, the debate over this issue is going to be long and ugly, protesting almost immediately after what the Post described as “a key initial victory” for those who opposed the law – well, it’s odd timing.

Of course, incidents like this will only serve to heighten the intensity and length of debate over the law. (Low-quality) video below of the protesters getting escorted off the field by security. It’s most notable for what sure sounds like a “U-S-A! U-S-A!” chant near the end of the clip. Ah…peace and harmony in America.

AP photo, via