Clayton Kershaw Upset That Pluto Is No Longer A Planet

  • Rick Chandler

Fun Fact: Clayton Kershaw’s great-uncle, Clyde Tombaugh, discovered Pluto, in 1930. It was hailed as the ninth planet until 2006, when it was downgraded to dwarf planet status by the International Astronomers Union, following the discovery of several other large bodies within the Kuiper belt. Pluto, after all, is 30 percent smaller than our moon.

Yes, you heard me: I agree with Pluto being sent to Triple-A.

But Kershaw has complained about this from time to time, the latest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday.


“Some fans have actually sent me shirts saying ‘Pluto is still a planet in our hearts,’ so I appreciate that.”

More of note is Kimmel introducing Kershaw as a pitcher for “the first-place Los Angeles Dodgers.” That sounds weird. With two months left in the regular season, I have no doubt they will be downgraded as well.

Question: since newly-discovered elements are always named after planets, does that mean we have to re-name Plutonium? It was discovered in 1941, and named in honor of Pluto, which was assumed to be a planet.