College Baseball Player Responds To HBP By Throwing His Bat At The Pitcher

  • Zach Berger

Sometimes in baseball, pitchers throw the ball at batters. This happens. You get a base and a bruise out of it, and you move on with your life. A dirty look aimed at the pitcher, perhaps along with some choice words, is also an acceptable course of action. But you never, ever throw your bat at the pitcher.

In a college summer league game between the California Warriors and the Humboldt Crabs, exactly that happened. Check it out:

Although the video quality is horrendous, you can tell that the batter threw his bat pretty damn hard towards the mound. He missed, so the pitcher is fine, but that’s really dangerous and I’d be surprised if a suspension or discipline of some sort isn’t forthcoming.

In other news, they’re teaching players how to pretend to fight at a pretty young age now. They did a good job selling the anger after they cleared the benches. I felt the fake tension in the air.

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