Comcast SportsNet Airs Version Of Cubs’ New Mascot With A Penis

  • Rick Chandler

“Described as a young, friendly cub who couldn’t wait to interact with the kids …” Oh my.

Caution, bear porn. Not safe for work:

Deadspin’s recent feature on the Chicago Cubs’ new mascot, Clark the Cub, included a version of Clark with a penis — courtesy of illustrator Jim Cooke (who is a genius, by the way).

Unfortunately for the station but fortunately for us, Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic ran Deadspin’s illustration of Clark with their Chicago Cubs mascot story recently: complete with Clark’s furry penis. Watch as the red-faced anchorwoman tries to explain the graphic being shown behind her, while her co-anchor laughs.

Cartoon bear penis on live TV? Where’s Comcast’s Golden Globe for that?

Best quote: “Did Yogi Bear wear pants?”

Bonus: Pierre Pelican hate.