This Is The Best Oakland A’s Fan In Existence

  • Glenn Davis

A’s fans have a lot to be excited about. Their team beat the Rangers yesterday to win the AL West, the A’s are making their first postseason appearance since 2006 – and all this after the team was 39-42 at the halfway point of the season, and four games back of the division lead just a week ago.

So it’s been a wild ride for the A’s and their fans, and when it culminated in a division title, there was no doubt the fans would lose it. And they did. But the crowd as a whole had nothing on one guy in particular. One guy who ranks among the most euphoric fans we’ve ever seen – and, now that we’ve seen him in action, among our favorites:

We kind of hope the A’s win it all, purely in the hopes that this guy’s reaction will be filmed. Well, and also so that everyone who says Billy Beane and Moneyball-style management is worthless because the A’s never won the World Series would have to shut up. Hell, if that happened, our celebration might make us look like that guy. But we could never truly compare. As much as we enjoy crazed fan rants, crazed fan joy can be even better. Let’s hope that for this die-hard, there’s a bit more of the latter in store.

[h/t Guyism, who also gif’d the fan in question]