This Video Of The Farm Kid Getting Cubs Tickets Is Beginning To Annoy Me

  • Rick Chandler

Yeah, the video of farm kid Kolt Kyler, 9, is a real tear-jerker. Young boy spends all day doing chores, and is rewarded by dad with tickets to Wrigley Field. We all cried. Can this be any more American?

But thinking people know this is a Russian plant. It’s taken over every media platform, and there have to be embedded microchips or subliminal messages here. Or maybe it was just produced to further divide us — I’m starting to see political themes in the tweets responding to it.

It will destroy us from within.

The pigs also seem to be in on the plot.

The Cubs themselves seem unaware.

Here’s an edited version with subtitles. Thanks, Kremlin.

This video feeds on your emotions, and soon will be strong enough to devour entire TV stations. Then it will destroy cities, and our very way of life. It was sent here to stoke ideological fire, and bury us in schmaltz. I myself was powerless not to post it.

Sorry, folks. But like the dinosaurs, I guess America was chosen for extinction. Oh well, we’ve had a good run.