When Proposing To Your Girlfriend On The Scoreboard, Make Sure She’s Actually There

  • Evan Sporer

Marriage proposals are something of an enigma. Every woman will tell you she wants a marriage proposal to be the most unique, romantic thing she’s ever experienced. None of that just-getting-down-on-one-knee-and-popping-the-question shit. It’s gotta be special.

And then there’s the all-too-real possibility that she can say no. You better be 800 percent sure the girl is as into you as you are into her, because getting a marriage proposal rejection is one of the all-time worst rejections possible.

In this unfortunate guy named Greg’s case, however, the issue wasn’t rejection, but having his girlfriend present to actually see the proposal.

Last night, as the Cubs were crushing the Pirates at Wrigley Field, a Cubs fan had the message “Erica, will you marry me?” displayed on the scoreboard. Only problem was, Erica was buying drinks. I mean, Greg had it all planned out. Even did it on a night when the Cubs would go on to win about their seventh game of the season, so he knew his girlfriend would be in a good mood. So, a reminder to all you heartthrob romantic men out there: You can’t propose unless the woman is actually present to see or hear the proposal.

The good news was, when Erica returned to her seat, Greg popped the question, and she said yes! He went to Jared, clearly.