Cubs Scratch 100-Year-Old Fan From First-Pitch Ceremony Because They Need A Fresh Curse

  • Rick Chandler

As everyone knows, curses don’t last forever. That billygoat curse on the Cubs from 1945? That thing’s ancient, and needs to be updated. So the organization figured that this will do: Louis Reinhart, who is 100 years old, was scheduled to be part of the Wrigley Field 100th anniversary celebration.

Reinhart, from Metamora, IL, and a life-long Cubs fan, is wheelchair-bound, and can’t exactly throw from the mound to home plate. But he was to hand the ball to a Cubs veteran from a spot on the field, and that person was going to throw out the first pitch. Except at the last minute, the Cubs scratched Mr. Reinhart from the program.

The reason? He was 15 minutes late to the ballpark.

Slacker. The nerve of some 100-year-olds.

From The Peoria Journal-Star:

“It was disappointing,” says his daughter, Julie Harper of Roanoke.

Just to be clear, neither Reinhart nor his relatives called me about this. A reader alerted me that — for reasons unknown — Reinhart got booted from the ceremony.

“I think this is terrible on the Cubs’ part,” the reader wrote.

His daughter said that they left for the game in plenty of time, but encountered traffic issues.

“They said it was a time issue,” his daughter says.

But that didn’t make much sense. From their seats, the Reinhart clan waited for a half-hour until ceremonies began. Surely with 30 minutes to work with, Cubs reps could have gotten Reinhart onto the field in time. It’s not as if he needed a lot of rehearsal to simply hand over a ball.

“We thought we had enough time,” his daughter says.

In 1945, the Cubs refused admittance to a man and his goat … and they were on time. Now 100-year-olds are treated like tardy students. The Cubs say that they’ll invite Reinhart back, possibly in June. That’s two months from now … he’s a hundred! Wait too long, and he’s likely to be very late.