The Cubs Eased The Pain Of Getting Swept By Dressing Like Superheroes

  • Glenn Davis

The day-in, day-out grind of baseball makes it different from any other sport. And sometimes, as a player, you just need a break from that grind. You need to relax, unwind, and have some fun – even if you just lost 7-0 to complete a three-game sweep at the hands of your biggest rival. Such was the case for the Cubs yesterday, who dropped the last of three straight to the Cardinals, but didn’t let that stop them from flying home dressed as superheroes:

That’s pitcher Carlos Marmol as Zorro, and as you can see from the guys behind him, this was a widespread thing. Hey, good for the Cubs for having some fun. Yeah, they were coming off a loss, but losses are more common in baseball than any other sport, and not just because there are so many more games.

Think about the NBA: win two-thirds of your games, and that’s a solid season. You’d probably get a four seed or so in the playoffs with that record. Same in the NFL: it’s a good record that, with rare exceptions, will get you a playoff spot. Win two thirds of your games in baseball, though, and you’re one of the greatest teams who ever played. You can’t let losses discourage you too much: there’s probably another game tomorrow.

But was Cubs manager Dale Sveum on board with this? After all, it’s one thing for some guy typing away to say a team shouldn’t let a loss keep them from having some fun, but the manager might be a different story. He’s the one who has to keep these guys in line, remind them they’re all there to get business done, win games. What did he look like?

Well, we guess they’re also there to dress like Hellboy. CSN Chicago has more pics, including one of a guy dressed like Toad of Mario games fame. Nothing against Toad, but… that’s setting the “superhero” bar a little low, no?

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