Cubs To Make Second Visit To White House Just To See Trump

  • Rick Chandler

The Golden State Warriors may not want to set foot in the White House while Trump is there, but he can always count on the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs got a White House visit last year when President Obama was in charge, but Trump — perhaps smarting over the fact that many athletes are turning him down — is inviting them back. And about two dozen from the team, including some players, are attending on Wednesday.

The Ricketts are big-time Republicans (except for Todd Rickett’s sister, Laura) who gave $1 million to the Trump campaign after initially backing Ted Cruz. Co-owner Tom Ricketts helped set up the meeting. Trump nominated his brother, Todd Ricketts, to serve as Deputy Commerce Secretary, but he withdrew in April due to ethics concerns with his family owning the team.

Maddon will also use the trip to talk with a group of young Republicans, according to ESPN. He’s friends with Republican House Representative Lou Barletta, who supported Trump and loves the travel ban.

It’s unclear which players will be attending. But some fans are not taking this well.