Why Daily Fantasy Baseball Is The Right Move If The Endless Baseball Season Terrifies You

  • Doug Anderson

This is a guest post from Doug Anderson, executive editor of RotoExperts.

Recently, we ordered you to get your big boy pants on and give fantasy baseball a try. Now that you’ve finally decided to take the big jump, though, you’re not done – we’re about to tell you to take another leap of faith, because if you’re gonna play the game, you might as well take it to the extreme. How? With daily fantasy baseball, that’s how. Below, five reasons that the daily game is the perfect training ground for a newbie like yourself.

Instant gratification.

In a traditional fantasy baseball league, you spend 25-plus weeks grooming your team until the champion is crowned six months later. You may see regular results weekly in head-to-head leagues, but it’s still not until September that you really know how you’ve done. Not so with the daily games. Join a game here in the morning and get the results that night. Didn’t do so well last night? No worries – there’s another game tomorrow.

Play on your terms.

Daily fantasy baseball puts you in charge. Draft who you want, when you want. Gotta pull family duties on Mother’s Day? Have a hot date? Hung over? Take the day off from your daily game and jump back in the fray on Monday. With daily fantasy baseball you can play for free or play for prizes. Sleep it off and come back later.

There’s a draft every day.

Fantasy owners know that draft day is like your birthday and Christmas rolled into one. Why limit it to one day a year? With the daily game you can draft every day, and the best part is a bad draft doesn’t last long. Fed up with Adam Dunn and his golden sombreros? Give him his walking papers and get someone better. Is Francisco Liriano pulling another of his Jekyll and Hyde acts? Send him to the showers and get a fresh arm. Drafting every day means there are always new players and new strategies to try out. Taking a gamble on that sleeper you’ve been eyeing is a lot more fun when your WHOLE season isn’t on the line.

You’re never out of it.

Face it, if you’ve played fantasy sports for any time at all, you know that sometimes, things don’t go right. In one league last year, I was “lucky” enough to roster Buster Posey and Adam Wainwright… and Adam Dunn, normally one of the safest bets in baseball to hit 40 or so home runs. Needless to say, from May on I knew that my fate was essentially sealed. Dunn was a bigger disappointment than The Phantom Menace. You can’t lose that much value and succeed.

It’s not much fun watching a team you know is going nowhere. You’re gonna take your lumps in the daily game too. You can’t hit on the right players every night. But whatever the result, you know that when tomorrow comes, you’ll be right back tied for first place. There’s nothing better in fantasy sports than to be a champion. Why not have that chance every day? More opportunities (or just excuses) to pop some champagne.

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