Damn You Vin Scully, I Still Can’t Hate You

Damn You Vin Scully, I Still Can’t Hate You
  • Rick Chandler

Ever since I was a kid, Vin Scully has been the most annoying broadcaster in sports. I recognized his genius even then — the way that he conveyed excitement without hyperbole; drama without scenery chewing; statistics without boredom.

Most of all he was just a great person with whom to spend an afternoon — like listening to a ballgame with a beloved relative. But I have always been a Giants fan, through and through. Wasn’t I supposed to hate everything about the Dodgers?

Nitwits like Tommy Lasorda, Hanley Ramirez, Yasiel Puig and Don Mattingly made that easy. The Dodger Dog? Overrated. And Dodger fans — usually I loathed them from a distance as they trekked out to their cars to travel home at the end of the sixth inning.

But there is just no crack in Scully’s armor. He has always been the best at what he does — and this is coming from a fan of some pretty great broadcasters in the Bay Area.

So I’ll give you this one, Los Angeles. Vin Scully’s Ring of Honor ceremony tonight had me cheering with every Dodger fan. There’s just too much talent and class here to ignore. And this even made me tear up a little:

Haha … what?

Scully, speaking before the ceremony via Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times:

“I’m totally and completely at peace. It’s a remarkable feeling .. I’m at the right spot in my life at the right time.”

There aren’t many who could summit the mountain like Scully did, and be so comfortable with climbing back down. Just goes to show how much more evolved he is than you or I.