Dan Uggla’s Relatively Modest Home Is Going Up For Sale Because He’s Owed $29 Million And Sucks At Baseball

  • Jake O'Donnell

Are the Braves making room for Red’s 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips? Or is Dan Uggla just looking to upgrade to a place that better reflects the $26 million he’s owed over the next two season? (Elvis Andrus has a nice place on the market if you’re thinking of something appropriately gaudy in the hitter friendly Texas Rangers neighborhood.)

Maybe Uggla is just looking to start over. Shit, if we ended the season with a .179/.309/.362 line and a playoff roster snub, we’d make some serious changes, too. Uggla’s relatively modest home — that’s being listed at $1.125 million — is located in Franklin, Tennessee, not far from Nashville, but about four and a half hours from Atlanta where he’s currently employed as a strikeout coordinator. The writing’s on the wall after this terribly disappointing season. Uggla is on the move, and all signs point to Cincinnati — the one place he looked like a legitimate major leaguer this season.

[Yahoo!] While struggling against virtually every team the Braves faced, Uggla hit .259 with four home runs and five RBIs against Cincinnati. He also hit .417 in the three games Atlanta played at Great American Ball Park.

Certainly not a done deal, but then again, he could just move into this super cool Frank Lloyd Wright house in the Cincy area and just help out around the stadium until someone asks him to pinch hit for a pitcher.


Photos via Neil J. Leitereg of Realtor.com