David Freese Crashed His Car Into A Tree So He Wouldn’t Crash His Car Into A Deer

  • Dylan Murphy

Driving his 2011 Black Range Rover in Wildwood, Missouri, St. Louis Cardinals 3rd baseman David Freese encountered a deer on the road. Freese, as most drivers would, decided that he did not want to end the life of a wild animal/damage his car. So he swerved. And thanks to his quick maneuvering, the deer was unhurt. Freese’s car, well that’s another story. It was completely totaled and towed when police arrived because he had driven straight into a tree.

Freese’s previous driving record is spotty, with two arrests for drinking and driving and a crash on an icy road that got him sent back down to the Minor Leagues with a foot injury. But there were no other cars, persons or substances involved in this crash, so Freese really did actively choose the life of a deer over his own. What a guy.

[St. Louis Post-Dispach, via Big League Stew]

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