David Peralta Steals Home On Toss Back To Pitcher (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

David Peralta was once a pitcher before a pair of shoulder surgeries looked to stop his career short. The Venezuelan wasn’t going to go down without a fight though, so he retooled and went back to his roots power-hitting outfielder roots, working his way back to the minor leagues before his promotion this June. He’s hitting .314 since then along with four homers and 24 RBIs as he makes a strong bid for Rookie of the Year.

He might already be turning eyes among baseball fans and experts alike, but Peralta made his way to the highlight reels today when he managed to steal home in unusual fashion. The outfielder took a big lead off of third base, waited for a high toss back to the pitcher, and took off running for home at full speed to snag a run from the Rockies.

It wasn’t the deciding play in the game and the Diamondbacks didn’t need the run in the end as they won 5-3, but Peralta’s speediness and heads-up baserunning combined with a strong batting performance is extremely impressive from a player who made the switch from the mound to the plate.