Watch The Rays’ David Price Receive An Impromptu Sunflower Seed Bath

  • Glenn Davis

You know those in-game interviews from the dugout more and more baseball players and managers do now, where they don a headset either between innings or during the action and field a few questions from the broadcast team? In general, these interviews aren’t that interesting – they’re baseball’s answer to sideline reporting in football and basketball, except maybe baseball managers are a little less paranoid about not giving anything away than football and basketball coaches.

Since these interviews usually don’t provide all that much insight, they’re usually worth paying attention to only if someone in the background does something weird that gets caught on camera (perhaps done specifically to get caught on camera). Last year, the Phillies’ Roy Oswalt gave us a fine example of this, and yesterday, a few teammates of Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price interrupted a Q&A with the booth by…well, check it out below:

Why, that’s no way to treat a key piece of your franchise’s future! Or maybe it is: based on how last night’s Rays game ended, the team might have found itself a good-luck charm. (We’re not sure whether Price would approve of this happening regularly, though.) Also, Price has got to be careful with saying things like “I need a shower” – a teammate easily could have heard that and had a ready-made excuse to dump even more seeds on Price.