Rangers Pitcher Derek Holland Does A Harry Caray Impression During The World Series

  • Glenn Davis

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland doesn’t take himself overly seriously. The first sign: his mustache. The second: his willingness to do impressions during an in-game interview during his team’s biggest game of the season. Holland, whose brilliant performance last night allowed the Rangers to tie the World Series at two games apiece, chatted with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver…and soon enough, Holland himself was (at Buck’s request) calling the game while impersonating legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray:

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Well, okay, it was more like an impression of Will Ferrell’s impression of Harry Caray, but still, we appreciate the effort. Holland wasn’t done, though: when the Rangers got out of a jam with an inning-ending double play, he channeled Arnold Schwarzenegger:

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Again, these are both impressions you’ve probably heard a hundred times, but the fact that they’re coming in the middle of a pivotal World Series game by not only a player on one of the teams, but the player who delivered one of the most critical performances of the series just last night – suffice to say they’re the same impressions, but like you’ve never heard them before. And some might have been uneasy with the “in-game’ aspect, but we’re with Buster Olney – no harm done. Fox showed Holland pumping his fist when the Rangers turned two. He did his job last night. He earned his moment of faux-Austrian-ness.

Videos by CJ Fogler (@cjzero).