Baseball Player Does Weather On TV, Things Get Weird

  • Glenn Davis

If you didn’t know, Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland likes to joke around. The Harry Caray impression (or, more to the point, the Will-Ferrell-doing-Harry-Caray impression). The way he rocked that mustache in the linked post without apparent shame. And now, thanks to a recent appearance on a local Dallas station, he does a mean (if not exactly informative) weather report, too:

Highlights in the above clip: the camouflage, and the part near the beginning where he says that he’s never done the weather on TV like this because “in college, we only did the writing part. The journalism.” You keep doing the journalism, Derek. You keep doing the journalism. He might need some new shtick besides the “look at that!” and Caray voices pretty soon, but overall, we approve of this performance.

The real question here, in fact, is which sports figure did the local weather in Texas better: Holland, or Mike Leach? Leach did the local forecast a few years back in Lubbock…and it was nothing short of spectacular. So good, in fact, that we’d give him the edge over Holland. The way he encourages viewers to live dangerously, the way he rhapsodizes about mud-rain: it’s pretty much everything good about Leach, distilled into six minutes. Holland has potential, but if he can one day reach the level Leach sustained throughout that entire clip, we’ll have baseball’s greatest entertainer on our hands.

[Awful Announcing]