Derrick Robinson Was Screwed Out Of An Inside-The-Park Home Run By Laughable Fielding

  • Zach Berger

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Derrick Robinson turned on the jets yesterday when a line drive to left field was poorly played. After Jeff Bianchi twice failed to scoop up the ball, Robinson was waved home and had a shot at the rare inside-the-park home run.

It looks an awful lot like Robinson gets his hand on the plate just before the tag comes in. The broadcaster notices it, screaming out that Robinson was safe just before the commercial break starts. Let’s take a look at the SportsGrid Freeze Frame, Sponsored By Some Beer Company:

Do you see that!? That’s what a man being robbed of an inside-the-park homer looks like. The glove is still a solid six inches above Robinson and his hand appears to be touching the plate.

But the real gem here is Bianchi’s fielding. Bianchi typically plays shortstop, but ended up in the outfield after coming off the bench as a pinch hitter. He terribly misplays the ball as it heads toward the wall, and then watches it ricochet and bounce laughably far behind him. He then twice swipes at the ball and comes up empty before finally getting a hand on it and throwing home.

The best part? Robinson would have gotten a triple, if only Bianchi hadn’t failed to pick up a round object from the ground directly in front of him, twice.