Despite The Big Lead’s Cynical Projections, Jose Bautista Beats Derek Jeter In ‘Face Of The MLB’ Contest

  • Jake O'Donnell

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and obnoxiously carpet-bombing the Twitterverse to get them to do it for you has got to be the most pathetic method. (Just go to, dummy!) The Big Lead’s Mike Cardillo exposed Bautista’s bush league tactics for getting fans to vote for him in the semantic-though-popular “Face of the MLB” contest. His plan? A promise to follow those who voted for him (“voting” merely means tweeting out the players name and the hashtag “faceofMLB“). A shameless ploy Mr. Cardillo refused to believe could successfully get Joey Bats past a head-to-head election match-up against Mr. November himself, Derek freakin’ Jeter. Could it be done?

One thing’s for sure: Derek Jeter doesn’t give a rats ass who wins (and neither should you at this point). But seriously, can you ass kiss your way to the top?

SPOILER ALERT: Joey Bats has had his hundred or so desperate pleas retweeted thousands of times each (all include the hastags “josebautista” and “faceofMLB”).

[TBL] Spoiler: Derek Jeter is going to win, sorry Joey Bats.)

Guess not. Bautista, who is winning a stupid contest by being cunning in the stupidest way possible, will now face the “winner” of the Buster Posey-Eric Sogard match-up. Let’s see if those 170,300 people he now follows can rock the vote once again and send him to the finals against Ronnie Whogivesashit.