The Latest Fuel To The “Baseball Needs Instant Replay” Fire: This Non-Catch

  • Glenn Davis

Essentially, there are two schools of thought on an expanded replay system in baseball (for the uninitiated, right now it only gets used on home runs): those who want to see it expanded to more parts of the game for more accurate calls, and those who feel such expansion would rob the game of its “human element.” Somehow, we get the feeling that, after last night, Indians fans who fall into the latter category might be rethinking their position.

Why? It has to do with one play in particular from last night’s 6-4 Indians loss to the Yankees – specifically, the play that ended the top of the seventh. At first, Yankees outfielder DeWayne Wise appeared to make a spectacular, leaping-into-the-stands-in-foul-territory catch. Upon further review, he did not make a spectacular catch – and a guy in the stands several feet away wound up with the ball. But further review wasn’t in the cards, so the inning was over. Oh, and the Indians had a runner on third at the time. Here’s the whole weird sequence:

If you know any Indians fans who still aren’t convinced of the need for further replay technology after that, just remind them: not only was it a terrible call, not only did that play end the inning, not only did it rob them of a chance to drive in a run – it also made LeBron happy. Appeal to their human element, if you will.