Did Alex Rodriguez’s ‘Inner Circle’ Sell Out Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli?

  • Eric Goldschein

a-rod cervelli

A report by “60 Minutes” says that Alex Rodriguez — or more specifically, members of his inner circle — implicated fellow MLB players in the Biogenesis scandal by leaking documents with Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli’s names in documents to Yahoo! Sports. A-Rod’s lawyer has already dismissed the claims as untrue, but in this day and age it’s difficult to take anyone’s word for anything when it comes to performance enhancing drugs in baseball.

The Miami New Times published a report in January that named A-Rod as a client of the Biogenesis clinic. The documents the New Times used had some names redacted. “Two sources with direct knowledge of the matter” say that days after the article ran, A-Rod’s team leaked more documents that featured the unredacted names of both Braun and Cervelli, A-Rod’s own teammate.

Why would A-Rod do this? To take the heat off his own back? To spread the blame around? That’s not clear. His lawyer says that this is merely to harm A-Rod and drive a wedge between him and his fellow players, but that seems like a petty thing for these “sources” to do to a guy who’s already Public Enemy Number One. This also supports the claim that A-Rod had Biogenesis documents and used them to avoid his own persecution, as per the MLB.

We’ll have to see how this plays out. But if this report holds true, A-Rod is even more self-serving and, perhaps, evil, than we ever imagined.