Did Ian Kinsler Just Give Us The Worst Slide In Recent MLB History? We Investigate

  • Rick Chandler

One day hundreds of years from now, when the broadcast waves of this game reach a distant galaxy, some alien race is going to get a kick out of this. Seen above, it’s the Rangers’ Ian Kinsler attempting to go first to third vs. the Tigers. Whoaaaaa! (using your head as an anchor: not advised).

Hey, that’s how they teach you to slide at ASU.

As bad as this is, it’s doubtful that it’s the worst slide in MLB history. In fact, it may not even be the worst slide of the past three seasons. View the samples below and make the call yourself:


Kelly Shoppach, Boston Red Sox. April 13, 2012. (It was Shoppach’s first steal attempt in 464 games).


Dan Haren, Arizona Diamondbacks. April 30, 2010.


Carlos Corporán, Houston Astros. Oct. 3, 2012.


Andres Blanco, Texas Rangers. Aug. 24, 2010.


Jose Reyes, Toronto Blue Jays. April 12, 2013. Ouch.