Dodger-Fan Fifth-Grader Stands Tall In Giants’ Country With Awesome Graduation Speech

  • Rick Chandler

Dear Miami Heat fans: Please watch this and take notes.

Casey Johnstone is a fifth-grader who attends Burlingame’s Lincoln Elementary — located on the Peninsula about 20 miles south of San Francisco. He’s also a rabid Dodgers’ fan, which is bad news in those there parts. At his school’s graduation ceremony recently, all the kids were asked to give a short speech about their best memory of the school year. Casey instead went with his most troubling memory: he recounted the day last season when the Giants won the World Series. Casey, on stage in front of all of his Giants-loving schoolmates, recounted the horror:

“The whole school took a picture with everyone in Giants gear, and there I was, watching the whole thing decked out in every piece of Dodger gear I had. The whole school, mostly fifth-graders, were screaming ‘Beat L.A.’ right at me.”

But Casey remained hopeful and steadfast: the unblinking 10-year-old in all of us.

“I’m a true fan. And true fans stand tough. True fans stay loyal to their team no matter what happens.

“Oh. And one more thing. Go Dodgers.”

Afterwards, the Los Angeles Times talked with Casey:

“It’s kind of hard to explain,” Casey said. “But my father loved them, so that’s become my team. My friends joke about it, but it will always be my team.”

The only adult who seriously proofread the piece was his gem of a fifth-grade teacher, Patrick Carney, who is one of the school’s biggest Giants fans, and surely blanched when he read the words.

Yet afterward, Carney simply laid down the paper and said, “Casey, that’s all you. This will be your time to shine.”

But Casey will get one more. The Dodgers saw the YouTube video, and have invited Casey and his family to a game in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where Casey will throw out the first pitch.

Props to this kid. In the game of life, you will never see him pounding on the glass doors pleading for re-entry.