Dodgers Zing Padres On Twitter With Anchorman Quote, Not Realizing That Stopped Being Funny In 2005

  • Rick Chandler

Look, I’m sure there’s going to be a spate of new Anchorman references once the sequel is released, but for now, spouting Ron Burgundy quotes is about as hip as Windows ’95, or these clothes. But don’t tell the Los Angeles Dodgers front office, which is still giggling over this zinger directed at their neighbors to the south, the San Diego Padres (see below).

As you surely know, the Padres’ Carlos Quentin charged the mound on Thursday after getting hit in the shoulder with a pitch by Zack Greinke, resulting in fisticuffs, empty benches and Greinke receiving a broken collarbone. So early this morning, someone in the Dodgers offices composed this:

That’s funny, in a dad-just-discovered-Twitter-and-is-still-about-eight-years-beind-the-times sort of way. What’s next: a Call Me Maybe parody?

Anyway, if the Padres are thinking about a response, they could go with something like this:


NOTE: This is a mockup. The Padres did not send this. But they should have.