So, Does Bryce Harper Suck At Softball Or Something?

  • Eric Goldschein

This is confusing. Last we checked, Bryce Harper was big, brawny 19-year-old hit-machine sensation destined for MLB stardom. So why is he incapable of hitting this underhanded softball pitch over the Washington Monument — nay, over the moon?

All joking aside, it’s cute that Harper stopped what he was doing to indulge the local fans in some softball tomfoolery. Apparently, he was on his way to see the Lincoln Memorial when a group playing a softball game asked him to step to the plate. This was the result:

Final tally: a big whiff and a fly out to right field. Can he only play well when the pitch is thrown over hand, at 95 miles an hour, in front of thousands of people? Making a judgment call based on a ridiculously small sample size, we can conclude that, yes, he sucks at this game unless the stakes are really, really high. So here’s hoping he gets his swagger back soon. That hair is too luscious to remain in the dugout.

[h/t Quickish, Video by CJ Fogler]