Don't Forget: Vin Scully Played Baseball, Too, And Once Played Against George H.W. Bush

  • Rick Chandler

One might think that for a Giants fan like me to say something good about the Dodgers would take a mighty effort. Not so, really. Praising Vin Scully is pretty easy. The Dodgers announced last night that Scully will be back for his 66th (!) season in 2015, and that’s a weight off our shoulders. Because a world without Vin Scully calling games just doesn’t make sense.

God willing, I will be back next year,” Scully said in a statement released by the team. “Naturally there will come a time when I have to say goodbye, but I’ve soul-searched and this is not the time.”

Scully’s consecutive years of service make him the longest-tenured broadcaster with one team in sports history. He calls all nine innings of the team’s home games and road games in California and Arizona for the Dodgers’ new television home on SportsNet LA, while the first three innings of his games are simulcast on the radio.

So, all kinds of articles and posts in praise of Scully today, some of which we’ll show you below. But one in particular caught my eye.

You may have known that Scully played baseball at Fordham University. But did you know that in one game, vs. Yale in 1947, he crossed paths with an opposing first baseman named George H.W. Bush?

As you may be able to make out above, their exploits at the plate were forgettable: both batted seventh, and went 0-for-3.

In retrospect, it was kind of a big two days in sports:

In Scully’s case, anyway, it’s good that he wasn’t a great hitter. If he was, the world may have been deprived of its greatest broadcaster. Scully was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame 35 years ago … essentially giving him two HOF careers.

Here’s one of his signature stories. Only Scully could make a pigeon poop incident seem like baseball poetry: