Doug Fister Took A Line Drive To The Head, Then Like A Badass, He Stayed In The Game

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Hope you’ve been keeping your TVs locked and loaded tonight, because as the American sports-viewing public, we’ve gotten our fair share of action. In San Francisco, Doug Fister and Madison Bumgarner had the Tigers and Giants locked pitcher’s duel in Game 2 of the World Series. But Doug Fister’s night was almost over before it even started

In the second inning, Doug Fister took a comebacker to the last place a pitcher wants to take a comebacker — his head. From the angle Fox showed it when it happened live, it wasn’t clear where exactly it hit. Then Tim McCarver went rambling on about how it hit his glove. Upon further review, no, Tim, it was not his glove.

Scary stuff there. It was eerily reminiscent of what happened to Brandon McCarthy of the A’s a few weeks ago, and though he did handle his recovery with aplomb, best that a recovery wouldn’t have to happen at all. Amazingly, Fister took a few more warmup pitches and stayed in the game. Double amazingly, he went six innings, and was accountable for only one run, which he put on base, but Drew Smyly allowed to score in relief.

McCarver and Joe Buck then discussed whether or not pitchers should start wearing helmets. That would look silly, but it’d sure help against stuff like this.

[h/t Big Lead Sports, Getty Images]