Legendary Orioles Manager Earl Weaver Passes Away At 82, Leaves Behind Legacy Of Swears

  • Joe Levine

Baltimore Orioles manager and baseball legend Earl Weaver passed away Friday night. He was 82.

Weaver won 1,480 games as Orioles manager, taking them to the World Series four times in 17 seasons, winning one title in 1970. His impressive resume earned him an induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996.

Weaver was perhaps best known for his fiery temper. As a manager, he was ejected 91 times, once including both games of a doubleheader. When disputing a call by the umpire, Weaver had a habit of turning his hat backward so he could yell directly in the ump’s face without the pesky bill getting in the way, and then, after he was ejected, start kicking dirt on home plate and/or the umpire himself.

But for all that, perhaps what Weaver is best known for these days (for better or for worse) is a prank tape made by the manager years ago that has since come to public light with the advent of YouTube. You can read more about its origins in the Baltimore Sun, but in the meantime, enjoy this lasting image of Earl Weaver.

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