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This Exists: Giants Players Avoid Hotel For Fear It’s Haunted

  • Glenn Davis

This is one of the stranger stories we’ve come across. Apparently the most common hotel for visiting players to stay when they play the Milwaukee Brewers is Milwaukee’s historic Pfister Hotel. That’s a photo of it at left. Looks nice, right? Well, joke’s on you, ’cause it’s HAUNTED…according to many major leaguers who’ve stayed there over the years.

The latest victims: the San Francisco Giants’ Edgar Renteria and Pablo Sandoval. Renteria and Sandoval, in the words of Giants publicist Shana Daum, “had some sort of experience” the last time they stayed there. This time, they requested different accommodations, and since professional athletes get whatever they want, their wish was granted.

You’ll be happy to know that Renteria “slept like a baby” in his new hotel. But what freaks people out so much about the Pfister, anyway? The Brewers’ Trevor Hoffman says that “there might be some chains rattling or something at night,” while the Cardinals’ Brendan Ryan cited “a moving light that kind of passed through the room.” Then, there’s this:

A player for the Dodgers [ed. note: please, please let it be Manny] has been known to sleep with a baseball bat for protection after hearing odd noises. And two pairs of Florida Marlins players reportedly demand to share a room when they’re in Milwaukee because they’re afraid of ghosts.

We have a couple possible explanations here. One is that, hey, the place really is creepily haunted, and Renteria and Sandoval made a wise choice. Another is that it’s charmingly haunted – as Tony LaRussa said in praising the hotel, “If there’s a ghost or two, they’re good friends.”

Or…maybe it’s not haunted at all, and people are just creeped out by old buildings (the Pfister has been around for more than a century) and urban legends that get passed down over generations, leading to people doing pretty ridiculous things like switching hotels because they are afraid of ghosts. Which is it? YOU DECIDE!

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