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Eight Veteran Players Who Might Bounce-Back in 2018

  • Garion Thorne

Eight Veteran Players Who Might Bounce-Back in 2018

FNTSY Sports Network’s Garion Thorne is joined on “The Rotation” by Sammy Reid of RotoGrinders to assess the value of some veteran players coming off of terrible seasons. Is the soon-to-be 35 year-old Miguel Cabrera a great pick in the sixth round or was 2017 a sign of things to come?

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How will Evan Longoria‘s game translate to the spacious confines of AT&T Park? Is there anywhere that Carlos Gonzalez could sign that would make you feel comfortable drafting him? Will Jeff Samardzija‘s real stats catch up to his advanced numbers from last season in 2018? Find out all this and more on today’s episode of “The Rotation”.

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Eight Veteran Players Who Might Bounce-Back in 2018

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