Elvis Andrus Turns Impressively Acrobatic Double Play While Being Hit In The Nuts (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

It’s not often that a runner successfully takes out a shortstop at second base and that shortstop still goes on to make the throw home to turn a double play. In fact, I haven’t seen it happen in my lifetime and am going to assume that this is a rare feat.

With Indians batter Mike Aviles grounding to Andrus, he steps on second as Carlos Santana comes in with a takeout slide looking to put the kibosh on the relay to first. Santana makes contact, Andrus does a 360 spin, and as he begins to fall to the ground unleashes a nearly perfect throw to first for the double play. The explanation doesn’t do it justice though, so see for yourself:

I’m also about 99.9 percent sure that Santana roughly shoulders Andrus directly in the nuts before he’s able to make the toss to Mitch Moreland for the out, so his extremely athletic play is even more impressive than it appears at face value.