Elvis Andrus Was Scratched From A Spring Training Game With Tattoo Soreness

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus was scratched from a spring training game Thursday afternoon due to one of the stranger injuries we’ve ever come across: tattoo soreness.

I don’t know from getting tattoos, but apparently the process hurts like a bitch. As for Andrus, his new ink — a large face with crossed baseball bats underneath as a tribute to his father — spans from his left shoulder to his elbow. That must hurt like the dickens (“the dickens” is slightly above “a bitch” on the pain scale). It caused him such discomfort that his manager Ron Washington was forced to scratch him from the lineup in today’s bout with the Indians.

Andrus got the tattoo on his off-day on Wednesday (because golf and fishing is for sissies), but Washington seemed like he had no problem giving Andrus the extra sabbatical (via ESPN.com):

“Elvis has been working hard, and having another off day isn’t going to hurt him,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said. “He’ll be ready tomorrow. He’s becoming a man and a mainstay and is acting like it.”

OK, I guess that’s alright. Andrus is a two-time All-Star who at 24 years old has already started to earn his stripes — this isn’t like some unheralded rookie had to miss a game because his tattoos were too intense. The guy’s allowed to get a tattoo, and since they hurt like a bitch/the dickens, best that he did it in spring training when the on-field effects are still minimal. Still, this is one of the silliest injuries ever. Someone best better tell Colin Kaepernick to slow down, he doesn’t have Alex Smith to bail him out anymore.

[ESPN.com, Getty Images]