ESPN's Jim Bowden Wrongly Reports The Yankees Acquire Marlon Byrd, Changes Twitter Handle To Hide

  • Jake O'Donnell

A fake Ken Rosenthal and a fake Joel Sherman can wreak Twitter havoc on the day of the MLB trade deadline. Just ask Jim Bowden, an ESPN baseball insider who hosts a show on the MLB’s Sirius/XM radio network, who was duped into tweeting out a non-existent trade between the Yankees and Phillies:

Ok, so people make fake Twitter accounts with an extra underscore or whatever, and reporters can get wires crossed when information is flying around at the speed of light as they look to boost their standing as an insider by jumping on the biggest, latest news. That’s understandable. What’s strange about this situation is that Bowden randomly (or deliberately) changed his Twitter handle from @JimBowdenESPNxm to @jimbowdiv.

…then he abandoned the new handle, but the old handle now belongs to a fake Jim Bowden. (EXPLOSION NOISE.)

Now the pervading wisdom about the situation is that Bowden reported the fake information about the Byrd trade as his own, then went running when everyone found out that it was total B.S. It’d be like robbing a bank filled with counterfeit money and then putting on a disguise and pretending like you don’t exist, then changing that disguise and disappearing.

So who is Jim Bowden? Did he ever exist? Has he been fake Twitter account all along? Who is Keyser Soze?