Even If A-Rod Gets A Lifetime Ban, The Rangers Will Still Have To Pay Him $40 Million

  • Eric Goldschein

alex rodriguez

If Alex Rodriguez doesn’t strike a deal — and by deal, I mean agree to get suspended for over a year and likely forced to retire — with the MLB by Monday, he could be banned for life. If he gets banned for life, the Yankees won’t have to pay him the rest of the $86 million they owe him from 2014-17. That means the good guys win, right? (Well, assuming you think of the Yankees as good guys, which you probably don’t. But they’re better than A-Rod, right? Right?) That means A-Rod will take a huge hit financially and may actually feel some sort of repercussion from cheating, right? Right?


Via CBS New York:

After playing for the Mariners from 1994-2000, A-Rod signed a 10-year, $252 million deal with Texas, at the time the richest contract in sports history…

The club still owes the three-time Most Valuable Player approximately $40 million in deferred money from the initial contract that A-Rod signed in 2000, according to the newspaper. That figure will eventually grow to almost $50 million.

The Rangers will pay the 38-year-old from 2016-2025, according to the Dallas Morning News.

So no matter what happens to Alex Rodriguez, he’ll continue being rich as shit. What a world we live in, huh?

Let the thought of A-Rod driving around New York City yelling this take you into your weekend.

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