OH MY GOD WE’RE GONNA DIE: Padres SS Everth Cabrera Flings Bat Into Own Dugout And Teammate Chris Denorfia Flips Out

  • Jake O'Donnell


They tell you three things in Little League.

1) Don’t argue calls
2) Have fun
3) Don’t throw the bat or else we’ll put you in the bag with the catching equipment where you belong

Apparently those same axioms are not imparted to the 9-12 year olds of Nicaragua. Though, in the speedy shortstop’s defense, he didn’t do it on purpose. He just has a loose grip on something he violently swings around his body in 1/1000th of a second.

Judging by his reaction, Cabrera’s San Diego Padre’s teammate, Chris Denorfia, doesn’t seem to give a shit that it was obviously an accident. He’s just pissed he almost, well, died I guess. That’d kill you, right? Maybe he’s just pissed because he’s like that. Oh, well. Not on my team.

You can see Denorfia angrily holding up two fingers, in the way you would after the second time someone almost accidentally kills you. Has is happened before? Has this exact event occurred in previous games, whereby Everth Cabrera releases his bat into his own teams dugout? Will it happen again? Who knows. Although don’t be surprised if tonight if it looks like there’s another catcher standing in the on-deck circle.


Story and Photo Via BigLeagueStew

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