Everyone Agrees: Mike Napoli’s Monster Home Run Was Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before

  • Eric Goldschein

mike napoli home run game 5The Red Sox beat the Tigers 4-3 last night in a tense Game 5 matchup in Detroit, sending the series back to Boston up 3-2. Mike Napoli opened the scoring with a monster solo home run to dead center, and that run proved to be the difference after the Tigers climbed back into the game.

Here’s the thing about this home run: there’s never any doubt that it’s gone. Sometimes you aren’t sure if a ball will carry and it does; conversely, sometimes you think it’s gonna land over the wall and instead it lands in the outfielder’s glove. Watching the game live, as soon as the ball left the bat, I (me, the writer, Eric) said “That’s outta here,” and of course it was. Just look at this thing:

The official distance on that blast was, I believe, 445 feet. But most people estimated it at 450, 460, 470. Basically, they couldn’t believe how far it was hit. And the reactions on Twitter revolved around the same theme: Have you ever seen such a monster homer, in a such a big game?

Napoli is known for his monster shots, but this is the postseason. To get that much wood on an Anibal Sanchez fastball takes serious chutzpuh.