EVERYTHING MUST GO: Curt Schilling’s Hilarious Estate Sale Slideshow

  • Jake O'Donnell

After losing all of his baseball money on a video game development company (38 Studios) former Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox ace, Curt Schilling, has been forced into a life of broadcasting, right-wing political punditry, and selling all his shit. And he has a lot of shit.

But don’t get the idea that their broke, says Shonda Schilling (Curt’s wife). They merely picked up and moved to a normal neighborhood because they wanted to give their kids an opportunity to ride their bikes to their friends’ houses. Not because Curt’s a terrible tech mogul.

Sha, right.

[Via The Boston Herald]“We are not doing this because we have lost everything and need the money,” Mrs. 38 wrote in a post on her Facebook page. “Media, talk shows, newspapers you have once again tried to humiliate my husband and my family … That anyone would want to see someone fall so badly that they would assume and write the headlines that were written are pathetic.”

Sounds broke to me!

Check out some of the stuff going up for auction at his estate sale in Medfield, Massachusetts, where he once lived (before he had to put the sports mega-mansion up, too). Our favorite items? The cursed idols, possessed dolls, and Hummer golf cart.

Not to be confused with “golf cart hummer.” Those you’ve got to earn.


Photos courtesy of Consignworks.com