Fantasy Baseball Today For July 1: A Little More Cowbell

  • Mike Cardano

If this is baseball in the post-steroids era, RotoExperts’ Mike Cardano (@MikeCardano) doesn’t care for it. Case in point: Justin Morneau, who is hitting .291 and is on pace for 102 RBI, but only has four home runs. He averaged 30 HR per season from 2006-09, so that kind of sucks. Meanwhile, Ian Desmond had nine homers in June with 28 RBI. Yowza. And Chris Tillman was 6-0 in six decisions. Of course if you don’t have either of those players, this is just aggravating the wound. Plus, injury updates on Bryce Harper, Albert Pujols and Dexter Fowler; gratuitous cow licking reference; Dan Uggla astigmatism-fu; and an All-Star game debate on Yasiel Puig presented by the League of Women Voters.

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