Fantasy Baseball Today For July 23: The Josh Johnson Humble Pie, With A Side Of Jason Werth Beard

  • Mike Cardano

Unlike Aaron Rodgers or the U.S. Congress, RotoExperts’ Mike Cardano (@MikeCardano) is not afraid to admit it when he’s wrong. Today Mike comes clean and issues a mea culpa on Josh Johnson, whom he advised you to draft at the beginning of the season. Well, turns out that Johnson sucks. But Mike has a way for you to benefit anyway. Mike was right on Julio Teheran, however, and also talks Jayson Werth and Alfonso Soriano. Injury reports on Jason Grilli, Miguel Cabrera and Josh Hamilton. Gratuitous Ryan Braun. Lucas Duda-fu. Plus, Pat Mayo takes out the sewing kit and shows us how to make an authentic kimono.

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