Fantasy Baseball Today For June 17: Johnny Cueto And The Chamber Of Secrets

  • Patrick Mayo

Today Mike Cardano discusses som… wait, what the–?! That’s not Mike Cardano. Patrick Mayo (@ThePME) has taken over, and while I’m not exactly sure what happened, for some reason I’m picturing a stocky fantasy expert tied up and gagged in another fantasy expert’s car trunk. So it’s up to Pat to assess the weekend performances of Johnny Cueto and Cory Kluber, discuss the injury status of Alex Cobb, Chase Utley and Mark Teixeira, and to explain exactly how Jhoulys Chacin is not a Game of Thrones character. Also, gratuitous use of the term “criminally underowned.” Anibal Sanchez-fu. Unfortunately due to Cardano’s absence there will be no arts-and-crafts segment, but the Billy Butler lookalike contest will proceed as scheduled.

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