Another Reason To Love Fantasy Sports: You Don’t Have To Care About PEDs

  • Scott Engel,

With all the talk of PEDs dominating the baseball landscape right now, you may be looking for an escape from it all. To many the conversation has grown tiresome, and it seems like there is no escaping the dialogue that has swallowed the sports media whole.

Luckily fantasy baseball is a safe haven from the scourge of PEDs. While the talking heads on the mainstream channels are beating the subject to death again, fantasy baseball-ers are simply reviewing average draft positions and participating in mock drafts. Those who analyze the hobby are talking much more about Trout vs. Braun than A-Rod vs. Biogenesis.

The great thing about fantasy sports is it is about the numbers, peripheral moral judgments aside. All we want to know is who is producing and who is not producing statistically. Unless it affects a guy’s playing time, we don’t care about all the extracurricular conversation. Alex Rodriguez is in trouble again? Great. When is he coming back? What he did back in 2009 is of no consequence anymore. If he helped us win a fantasy title then, our trophies already sit on the shelf and no one can take that away. And even before 2009, I won leagues, without shame, with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. The trophies still shine brightly on my desk. Yasmani Grandal was cited for PED usage? Fine, just tell me how many games he will miss because of a suspension so I can adjust my cheat sheets accordingly.

Of course, it’s a major inconvenience if a player gets suspended during the season, but as Roto ballers, we often deal with the same unforeseeable factors, like injuries, happening anyway. We just want to estimate the numbers and scout the players for potential production. If a guy is a problem to a team, it only concerns us if it affects his starting job or playing time.

The beauty of fantasy sports is that it keeps everything between the lines for the most part. You can tune out all the extra talk that drives you crazy and just focus on results. Look, before you pigeonhole me as some stathead who doesn’t care about real baseball itself, many fantasy players are fans of the game first – that’s what birthed our interest in fantasy to begin with. I would like to see the game kept clean as much as anyone else. But a lot of people are looking for an escape hatch from the A-Rod talk nowadays, and fantasy is the answer.

Some other thoughts for today:

1. I landed Albert Pujols No. 12 overall in a mock draft this week. I am seeing Pujols consistently go late in the first round, as some owners seem to be less intent on taking him early after last year’s slightly disappointing overall production and slow start. If you can get Pujols anywhere after the sixth slot, jump for joy. He is still a fantasy superstar even if his production may be down just a bit from his career peak levels.

1. Earl Clark continues to shine as the Lakers pull things together. He is a great fit in the Mike D’Antoni system and has entrenched himself in the starting lineup. He is a great daily play on sites like, but his salary is due to come up soon, as he is now a widely known commodity. By the way, Kobe, stop passing the ball and start scoring in bunches again, thank you.

2. Andre Drummond needs to get more playing time. He busted out for 18 points and 18 rebounds on Tuesday, and deserves to be on the court more. There are no guarantees he will get the deserved additional minutes, but keep your eye on him for possible upside going forward after his impressive outing early this week.

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