Teamwork: Dad Holds Up Kid, Kid Makes Awesome Foul Ball Catch

  • Glenn Davis

Sadly, when I think of “father/child catching foul ball” moments at baseball games, my mind first heads to this moment. While I can’t blame someone for going all-out to catch a foul ball – how many chances will you have to do that at a major league game? – dropping your kid to do it? Not cool. So whenever I see a father/child fou-ball-catching moment highlighted, I’m worried another dispiriting dad moment is on the way. Which is why when I saw this:

…my heart grew three sizes that day (i.e. this day). And now it’s almost normal-sized. The fact that they were Reds fans in Yankee Stadium (what are the odds it goes to them?), the fact that it was Joey Votto hitting it, the brilliance of the father-son team-up: that’s excellent stuff. Perhaps that kid will one day grow up to be this guy?