Former NBA Sharpshooter Dan Majerle Effortlessly Catches Ground Rule Double, Looks Confused

  • Glenn Davis

Sure, it’s great how former Suns sharpshooter Dan Majerle effortlessly picks off a ground rule double that bounces right up into his hands at a Diamondbacks game. Sure, it’s great how he has a creepy look on his face after he does it (seemingly caused at least in part by confusion as he stares at a nearby TV, and sees himself on it).

But the best part is imagining Michael Jordan watching all this happen. Jordan, it’s been told, hated the way former Bulls general manager Jerry Krause heaped praise upon Majerle back in the day, until he pretty much flew into a jealous rage whenever Majerle’s name came up… and also sought to destroy him on the court with an even more psychotic competitive edge than usual whenever they faced off. If Jordan watched this happen, he will go to whichever baseball stadium is closest, and he will go all-out to catch every foul/home run ball that is hit. And if he gets one, he will angrily scream something about Majerle into the camera. And it will be glorious. See Majerle’s catch below.