Former WWE Wrestler/Commentator Implies World Series Was Fixed Due To Boston Marathon Bombings

  • Rick Chandler

On one hand, who better to have an opinion on rigged sporting events than a pro wrestler? On the other hand: who more likely to try and promote himself with loud nonsense than a pro wrestler?

Actually Matt Striker (real name Matthew Kaye) is a former pro wrestler, having performed for the WWE from 2005 to earlier this year. He’s now on the independent circuit, and is also a former pro wrestling broadcaster. Anyway, on Tuesday this happened on his Twitter account:

Meaning that the World Series was rigged for the Red Sox. Yeah, because that obstruction play at third and the pickoff play at first were totally staged, right?

Not world-bending news when a pro wrestler makes loud noises, to be sure. (And the tweet is now gone from his timeline). But some folks seem a bit irked. And others agree with him.

Here are some folks who appear to agree with him … unless there’s some irony here I’m missing.

Of course, conspiracy theories in baseball are nothing new …

Oy vey.