A Local TV Station May Have Jinxed The Texas Rangers Last Night

  • Glenn Davis

Last night’s Game 6 of the World Series was one of the most dramatic (if not best-played) baseball games ever. If you’re a baseball fan in general, those last few innings were a sight to behold. If you’re a Cardinals fan, the game provided multiple memories to savor for a lifetime. And if you’re a Texas Rangers fan, you’ve probably spent the entire time since David Freese’s walkoff home run punching yourself in the head in an attempt to induce short-term memory loss…or at least looking like this.

Because as downright spectacular as last night’s finish was, it was that devastating for Rangers fans, who’ve never seen their team win it all…and last night was the closest you can come to seeing a team win the World Series without them actually winning the World Series. And after losing a game like that, there’s plenty of blame to go around – the Rangers’ offense, for not taking enough advantage of Cardinals mistakes early in the game. The defense, for allowing two unearned runs. The bullpen, for not closing the deal when one strike would have done it not once, but two innings in a row.

But those aren’t the most convenient scapegoats. You know who is the most convenient scapegoat? KDFW, the local Dallas-Fort Worth Fox affiliate. Why? Well, they sent out the text alert above (via KatyLou Martin [@KatyLou_Martin]). That text alert was, of course, a false alarm – sent at about the worst possible time for such a false alarm to be sent. And in case that photo above doesn’t convince you that this text update really did hit poor Rangers fans everywhere, here’s more photo evidence.

If we were Rangers fans (which we’re really, really glad we’re not this morning) it would definitely take Fox a while to get back in our good graces…even though the premature alert didn’t actually have anything to do with the Rangers blowing it. As far as we know. Martin sure sounds like she’ll have a tough time forgiving the station. When even deliriously happy diehard Cardinal fans are offering their condolences, that’s a bad loss. We have no idea what happens tonight, but we suspect this: few people will be rooting harder for the Rangers than whoever sent out that news alert.

[h/t Jimmy Traina]