Funniest Guy On Twitter, Rob Delaney, Asked The Dodgers If He Could Sing The National Anthem, They Said “Sure”

  • Jake O'Donnell

Rob Delaney was voted by Comedy Central as the funniest person on Twitter. If you don’t follow him, you really are missing out. Laugh out loud funny in 140 characters or less. Every tweet.

Among other very crude/insightful things, Rob has a tendency to tweet at corporations, or major celebrities, usually to the effect of being ironic. A while back, Rob tweeted at this at Los Angeles Dodgers Twitter handle:

As you can see, not only did they write back, but they wrote back something funny, AND essentially said yes. So last night, he went ahead and, following an awkward interview with some sort of Ryan Seacrest appendage, he sang. Like a hairy, middle-aged angel.

If the quality of his voice surprises you, its because he looks like a dad, but he actually majored in Musical Theater at NYU. Here he is reading off a list, courtesy of Harper’s Magazine, of actual/physical/sexual-sounding descriptions MLB scouts use to describe prospects.

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