George W. Bush Took Part In The Douchiest World Record Of All Time

  • Glenn Davis

Last night, the Texas Rangers tried to set a weird world record – most people in one place wearing sunglasses in the dark. They succeeded – easily. Guinness representative Danny Girton Jr. said “the minimum requirement was 250” people to break the record, and the Rangers handed out around 33,000 pairs.

The official record number will be 424, since apparently the Rangers and Girton only kept track of two sections. But those in attendance last night will know just what a dramatic leap forward their record really was. Among those in attendance (and sporting the complimentary shades): the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.

Bush took in the contest with Rangers owner Nolan Ryan, and the former POTUS looked mighty cool (or as cool as possible, considering the crowd was setting a record for wearing sunglasses at night):

Way to rock those, Dubya. No word on whether the Rangers also broke the record for fans simultaneously humiliated by attractive bartenders.

Photo via Larry Brown Sports