Giancarlo Stanton Hit A Home Run So Far That Fans Got Free Beer

  • Joe Polito

In case you haven’t watched baseball this year, here’s one of the things you’re missing. Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton might be the most powerful man in the world with a bat in his hand. Line drive homers, opposite field dingers — you name it, he’s hit it. Monday night was no exception. Stanton launched one in the second, and followed it up with this mammoth shot in the third.

Had the back wall not been shut as part of Marlins Park’s roof closed mode, that ball would have bounced out of the stadium and into the streets of Little Havana. The broadcast estimated its distance at 470 feet, but it might have gone even farther. Stanton not only smacked his second homer of the evening, possibly the longest of his career, but also won the 22 fans on the Budweiser Balcony a free beer.

Two homers? Free booze? Are you not entertained? But he didn’t stop there.

We’ll update this post if Stanton turns a triple play and wins everyone in the ball park free nachos for life.