Giancarlo Stanton Got Hit In The Head With A Pitch The Same Day MLB Mandated Safer Helmets

  • Dylan Murphy

Major League Baseball announced today a new directive mandating that players wear new and safer batting helmets, beginning with this week’s spring training games. You should head on over to Big League Stew for more details on the helmet’s technological innovation, but we’d like to point you towards a moment earlier this afternoon from Marlins’ spring training. Facing top Marlins’ pitching prospect Jose Fernandez – yeah, that guy who doesn’t know who the manager is – outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, the lone noteworthy leftover from Jeffrey Loria’s offseason yard sale, awaited the pitch. And then it came screaming towards his head, viciously clanking off his helmet and sending him stumbling backwards.

Gah, that crack. Stanton tried to walk it off – as if he can walk off a head injury – and he’s said to be sporting nothing other than a sore neck. Still: too bad those helmets weren’t mandated for intrasquad practices.

[Big League Stew]